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Gemini, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, has announced its selection of Dublin as its European headquarters. The move marks an expansion of Gemini’s footprint in the continent as it aims to tap into the thriving innovation and technology scene in Ireland. 

With its launch in Ireland and 11 other EU countries last year, Gemini offers individuals and institutions the ability to buy, hold, and sell various crypto assets, including cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The decision to establish a presence in Dublin highlights the city’s commitment to fostering innovation and its appeal as a hub for the international financial services sector.

Gemini Expands Presence in Europe, Selects Dublin for Headquarters

Gemini’s recent announcement reveals its strategic focus on expanding operations in Europe, and Dublin has been chosen as the location for its European headquarters. The company, founded in 2014 by the Winklevoss twins, has gained recognition for its user-friendly platform that enables individuals and institutions to engage with various crypto assets. 

Since its launch in Ireland and 11 other EU countries last year, Gemini has emerged as a prominent player in the European crypto market. The decision to establish a headquarters in Dublin represents a significant milestone in Gemini’s global expansion plans. Gemini’s choice of Dublin as its European hub signifies the company’s commitment to strengthening its presence in the region. 

Dublin’s selection as the location for Gemini’s headquarters highlights the city’s appeal as a strategic base for companies operating in the cryptocurrency and fintech sectors. With its user-friendly platform and increasing popularity among individuals and institutions, The exchange aims to leverage Dublin’s vibrant ecosystem and establish a strong foothold in the European market. This expansion marks an important step forward for Gemini as it continues to grow its global operations and unlock the potential of the crypto industry.

Dublin’s Thriving Tech Scene and Talent Pool Attract Gemini

Gemini’s choice of Dublin as its European hub is driven by the city’s reputation as a thriving center for innovation and technology. Gillian Lynch, head of the crypto exchange in Ireland and Europe, cited Dublin’s robust startup ecosystem and deep talent pool as key factors in the decision. The city has long been recognized as a hub for technology companies, with major players in the industry establishing their European bases there. 

Additionally, Dublin’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and its supportive policy environment make it an attractive destination for companies seeking to tap into the Irish market and access the wider European market.

Support from Irish Government and IDA Fuels Gemini’s Expansion

The crypto exchange’s launch event in Dublin was attended by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, TD, who highlighted the significance of platform’s decision for innovation in Ireland. Varadkar emphasized that the choice to base the company in Dublin showcases the country’s competitive offering for the international financial services sector. 

The Irish government and the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) have played a crucial role in supporting Gemini’s expansion by creating an environment conducive to entrepreneurial growth. The Winklevoss twins expressed gratitude for the support received, adding that they look forward to being part of Dublin’s vibrant tech community.


Gemini’s selection of Dublin as its European headquarters marks a significant milestone in the company’s expansion strategy. The US-based cryptocurrency exchange, founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, aims to leverage Dublin’s thriving tech scene and talent pool to drive its growth in the European market. With its user-friendly platform for buying, holding, and selling crypto assets, Gemini has gained recognition as a leading player in the cryptocurrency industry.

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